Easter fun


Halloween Jello Shots

Keep in mind, these are for a work function so we didn’t add any alcohol to them. But aside from that, these are fun little treats to make whether for a social function or a kid’s party!

jello 4

To start out with, I had 3 containers of jello. Lime Green, Grape, and Orange. I bought some Halloween themed sprinkles at Walmart, a package of Dots, and used the serving proportion cups.


jello 3

Next we just mixed the jello.

jello 2

Poured it into the serving cups with a scoop.

Meanwhile, my son-in-law and youngest son were making spider eye balls.

spider eyes 2

We cut off the top of the dots and stuck little spider sprinkles on top for the pupils.

spider eyes

(Sorry for the quality, little boy hands moving in and out of the picture can make it hard to get a clear one.)

Afterwards, you let them set in the fridge until they’re almost set (or if you’re impatient, you can do the speed set and place these in at about 20 minutes.

I decorated the tops with the eye balls and other sprinkles.

This was the ending result.

jello 1