Happy Halloween!

For Halloween we threw a party and gave out candy to the trick or treaters.

We set out treats and snacks.

halloween 5 halloween 6 halloween 10

We set up a fountain with our family’s traditional punch.

halloween 1halloween 2

We also decorated using mason jars. We filled them with cotton balls, plastic spiders, and glow sticks.

halloween 13 halloween 12 halloween 9

We also saved cans up to this point and cleaned them out(make sure the edges aren’t sharp before using them!). Once done we wrapped them in gauze and added some eyes, and viola! We had mummified decorations that we filled with various tricks and treats.

halloween 11 halloween 10

We set up outside on our decorated front porch with our small fire pit lit waiting for the trick or treaters.

halloween 3 halloween 4

A cauldron full of candy and a railing lined with glow sticks, we were ready for the night and come 8 o’clock we had no more.

halloween 8 halloween 7

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