Cinnabarys: “Magick for Heart and Home”

subtle Earth

I wanted to take this post to talk about this amazing Etsy shop called Cinnabarys: “Magick for Heart and Home.” I have very few favorite shops, but I’m gladly adding this one to my top three! The shop has beautiful handmade items as well as vintage finds; smudging feathers, scrying mirrors, and other beautiful pieces to add to your sacred space or altar. The shop is ran by a wonderful woman named Rebecca, who carefully and kindly finds and picks the vintage items as well as creates her own magickal things. She also runs an awesome, interesting, and useful blog here.

I found her Etsy through an Instagram giveaway (she did a couple giveaways this month and is going to be having a big one before Halloween, you should check it out!) and although I haven’t won any of them, she was kind of enough to send…

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