Pumpkins Part 1

pumpkinspumpkin 33pumpkin 32

The first thing we did was pick out our pumpkins from the batch and then the group started carving.  pumpkin 27pumpkin 29pumpkin 34pumpkin 26

My oldest son decided he wanted to do a fairy on his pumpkin.

pumpkin 22pumpkin 21

My second son decided he was going to carve a small pumpkin face.

pumpkin 28pumpkin 25

My third son did the Assassin’s Creed symbol.

pumpkin 23 pumpkin 24pumpkin 20 pumpkin 19

The final Fairy and the Assassin’s Creed symbol.

pumpkin 2

My son in law ended up carving two pumpkins.

pumpkin 34

pumpkin 35pumpkin 11 pumpkin 8

And my daughter decided to make an emoji face.

pumpkin 36

Happy Halloween everyone!



pumpkin 30

For my pumpkin, I love Cinderella so I decided to decorate mine as Cinderella’s carriage. Hints the sky blue color.

We started out with spray paint. Then you can either let it sit and dry or you can do what we did and pull out the blow torch and carefully dry the paint(Don’t try this at home kids!)

After dried I decorated, I added some wheels and bling and viola! Cinderella’s carriage. pumpkin 3

Crayon Pumpkins

Last weekend for Halloween we started decorating pumpkins. With so many people in the house we ended up with so many different kinds of decorated pumpkins!

My youngest daughter decided she wanted to melt crayons on her pumpkin.

pumpkin 13 pumpkin 16 pumpkin 17

Watching the final product my youngest decided he wanted to do it as well.

By the end of the evening we ended up with three very colorfully decorated pumpkins.

pumpkin 15 pumpkin 14 pumpkin 12 pumpkin 10 pumpkin 9 pumpkin 6 pumpkin 5 pumpkin 4